MaxMyFit offers High Quality ReboundAIR Rebounders (think: mini-trampolines) and accessories for sale, demonstration/training/classes.   The kids are included with Rebounding training and freestyle sessions and other youth classes & events.


        • Ultimate Quarter Fold
        • Includes Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping & 4 Gifts: DVD, Lecture CD, Carrying Case and Rolling Dolly



      • Classic  Half Fold
      • Include  Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping & 3 Gifts: DVD, Lecture CD, Carrying Case


      • No-Fold Rebounder
      • Includes Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping & 2 Gifts:  DVD and Lecture CD








      • REBOUNDING – XTREME FIT-BOUNCE!!!  Think mini-trampoline but very high quality.
      • We offer the best REBOUNDERS for sale, demo/training and classes.  Rebounding is the most efficient form of exercise. 10 minutes of rebounding can equal 45 minutes of other exercise.  Due to the “bouncing” effect going against gravity and using acceleration and decceleration, every cell and every muscle in the body IS EXERCISED AT THE SAME TIME.  You get a whole body workout.  In addition, the lymphatic system is “pumped” dramatically bolstering the immune system.  It alkalizes the body effective helping correct conditions and lose weight.  Rebounding is almost no impact allowing you to get a great workout without the higher risk of damage and injury in other exercise.  Rebounding does not “tear down to build up” muscles as most fitness centers advocate resulting in hard muscles that are dense due to scar tissue and damage.  Rebounding builds strength without damage resulting in fast results with supply strong muscles.
      • Caution:  Many mini-trampolines and rebounders found in department stores may be inexpensive but can cause injury to joints, ankles as well as being less effective because the mat allows dangerous pronating of legs and feet that can cause knee, ankle and joint problems, they have a hard higher impact bounce removing the “low impact” aspect of bouncing and reduces the lymphatic pumping reducing immune system boosting benefits, etc.
      • Call (512) 506-1442 to get a demo/training session or attend a class.  Classes are small to allow for effective training and attention.  Or email us at  Pricing for rebounders is provided at the botttom of this page
      • FITNESS TESTING AND TRAINING TO ACHIEVE PEAK PERFORMANCE:  Metabolic and V02 Testing and Threshold raising training
        • Save $225 on Metabolic, V02 & Substrate Testing (Three tests!)
        • V02 only, save $50
      • ALKALINE DIET:  Alkaline Diet Training and Cooking Classes as well as General cooking classes.
      • GROUP RECIPE SHARING:  Share your best recipes with friends at a great event!

Call (512) 773-0188 to get a demo/training session or attend a class.  Classes are small to allow for effective training and attention.

Or email us at

We are located at 260 E. 5th Street, Loft #106, Austin TX 78701.  On 5th Street between Brazos and San Jacinto.